Terms & Conditions 

Before you participate with Masakan Ibu, please read below general terms and conditions carefully.

1.1 Article:
– General Conditions: these general conditions
– Privacy Policy: the policy regarding privacy as determined by Virtue Project and mentioned on the Website
– Virtue Project: Masakan Ibu, a sole proprietary business
– User: a person who uses the service of Website
– Chef: a person who use the Website for offering their food
– Foodie: a person who place order from Chef in the website
– Website: www.masakanibu.nl

2.1 Masakan Ibu can be reached via contact form or at email address info@masakanibu.nl.
2.2 Virtue Project is listed in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, under file number 68668368. The VAT number of Virtue Project is NL339506398B01.

3.1 These General Conditions govern the use of the Website by User.
3.2 By being Chef and Eater, User accepts the applicability of the General Conditions. We may adjust these Terms and Conditions from time to time. In addition, we reserve the right to make changes to the masakanibu.nl website without announcing this in advance. We therefore recommend that you regularly check whether the information on the website has changed.

Masakan Ibu is a community based platform to connect people who have passion in cooking and people who crave a homemade (mostly) Indonesian meal. This website is the place where two parties can meet. It is intended to be a community where people can post review and increase credibility of others. Our service is to provide a credible marketplace that everyone who likes to cook and eat can join. Via the website masakanibu.nl they can share meals with people. Under ‘How it all works’ you can read in detail how Masakan Ibu works. Always use your common sense and do not go with someone you do not trust.

User must register to be a Chef or an Foodie by filing in truthful personal data. Masakan Ibu protects User’s personal information properly; see Masakan Ibu Privacy Policy on the website. Advice is to use a strong password for User account and not to give password to anyone. User is responsible for any abuse of the account.

To actively participate in the services of General rules for the use of the masakanibu.nl website and the services of Masakan Ibu, please see below
6.1 Manners
The most important factor for the success of Masakan Ibu is that users treat each other in a friendly and respectful way. We expect users to use decent manners. Communicate your expectations quickly and clearly. Treat each other with respect, even if things do not go as you expected. Try to understand the position and expectations of the other person and solve problems calmly and friendly.
6.2 Rules for hygiene
Every User who prepares a meal in the context of one of the services of Masakan Ibu must comply with the hygiene rules as drawn up in consultation with the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority.
6.3 Rules about the use of the website
– It is not allowed to approach the persons who make themselves known as home cook via the website masakanibu.nl for other purposes than for the services of Masakan Ibu.
– By placing content on the masakanibu.nl website, you grant us a perpetual license to use this user generated content within the context of the Masakan Ibu’s function. You guarantee that this content does not infringe on (intellectual) property rights of third parties. You indemnify Masakan Ibu for claims from third parties that claim that your user generated content infringes their (intellectual) property rights or other rights.
– If you see content removed at home that infringes intellectual property rights or other rights, or is unlawful for other reasons, we would like to hear that so that we can take measures where necessary, such as removing the content. Please contact us via info@masakanibu.nl .
6.4 Rules about the Chef and Foodie
House rules Chef
House rules Foodie
6.5 Reviews must be truthfully and reasonably filled in and respectful. Retrieved at home reserves the right to remove any non-compliant products.

7.1 Orders placed at Masakan Ibu will be delivered to Eaters by Chef in the agreed meeting point and agreed payment method. It is up to Eaters and Foodie to follow up with their orders.

Both parties are allowed to cancel the order(s) in the timely manner. Should anything happens, it is the responsibility of both Chef and Foodie. After receiving confirmation of orders from Foodie, Chef can choose to confirm or cancel the orders. After this step, Users follow up upon the contact details that are provided.

9.1 The (total) value of the orders is indicated in Masakan Ibu. The delivery cost (where necessary) will also mention in the shop. There is no hidden cost.
9.2 The Chef charge a fee per meal to the Foodie. From the total, 5% contribution will be invoiced monthly by Masakan Ibu. This amount is also to pay the compensation of services that Masakanibu.nl do to meet the two parties.
9.3 Masakan Ibu will give the opportunity to pay the amount due within 14 days. If the amount due has not been received within that period, we will temporarily suspend the relevant Chef account.
9.4 Any disputes between Users about the price of a meal do not stand in the way of the chargeability of the reimbursement to Masakan Ibu.

10.1 The website has been compiled with the utmost care. However, we can not guarantee that the website or the services of Masakan Ibu are always available and that the information provided is complete, correct or up-to-date. We also cannot guarantee that the services of Masakan Ibu or the actions of the other Users meet your expectations.
10.2 To the extent permitted by law, we exclude liability for (the accuracy of) information and other materials or expressions that Users or third parties place on the website or via the services of Masakan Ibu (such as photographs and recipes). We reserve the right to remove (unannounced) content from the masakanibu.nl website.
10.3 Entering into and executing an agreement with other Users is at the expense and risk of the Users. We are not a party to these agreements. Insofar as we are legally permitted, we are therefore not liable for any damage resulting from non-compliance or incorrect performance of the Collection Agreement or any other act or omission by Users.
10.4 The Chef is, among other things, liable for the preparation of the dish (including hygiene) and the price of the dish. Users are also responsible for how they handle each other’s personal data. We ourselves will process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Statement .

11.1 All intellectual property rights (including copyright, logos, word marks) on Masakan Ibu texts, photos, images and other materials belong to us (or we manage with the right holder).

If User has a complaint about the implementation of the agreement, send your complaint to info@masakanibu.nl. Masakan Ibu will handle the complaint as soon as possible, within 14 business days upon receive of the complaint. If it takes longer to settle the complaint, User will receive within 7 working days a confirmation of and to be informed when a substantive response can be expected. If both parties (Masakan Ibu and User) can not mutually resolve the complaint, there is a dispute covered by the dispute.

13.1 The User Agreement is valid for an indefinite period of time and can be terminated by you at any time. You do this by contacting us at info@masakanibu.nl. If at the time of termination of the User Agreement you are still party to an agreement with one or more Users (for example a Collection Agreement), you still have to deal with this agreement (s). Otherwise, a User Agreement can be terminated with immediate effect if the rules are not followed or if we stop our business.
13.2 After termination of the User Agreement, these General Terms and Conditions will continue to apply to every use you make of the website and any (financial) settlement of the agreements concluded with Masakan Ibu with Users.

14.1 The General Conditions and the Contract of Sale are governed by Dutch law.

14.2 Any and all disputes arising from the General Conditions and the Contract of Sale will be submitted to the competent court of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.