1. FOODIE – Customer

What is the transaction cost?
There is no transaction cost for the buyer. It is completely free. You only pay for the food you order (sometimes with shipping), but it is clear in the page. No hidden cost.
– Why is Masakan Ibu safe?
We use review method to know the reliability of the sellers. Masakan Ibu will also ensure the credibility of both Chef and Foodie by random checks. We at Masakan Ibu will not tolerate any hit and run or anything against agreement made in the beginning between Chef and Foodie.
– How to buy in Masakan Ibu?
You can optimize the use of filter. Search for the food in your city. If you feel uninspired, you can browse around in the bottom part of homepage. If you know what to eat, search in the bottom part of homepage and it will direct you to relevant filters.
– How does the payment work?
Generally, it is cash on delivery. You will exchange payment and your orders. Although the Chef can choose the preference to ask you the money in advance, usually with a big order.
– Can I pay with card?
It depends on your agreement with the Chef. If you agree on cash on delivery, paying by card is not possible. But there is a possibility that the sellers require you to pay in advance, usually with a big order.
– I want to cancel order, how do I do that?
Please look at the cancellation policy in each Chef’s account.
– When will my orders be sent?
It will be according to the schedule you select while placing orders. However for any change or preference, you can contact the Chef directly.



– How do I start?
You can check more closely in here
– How do I add menu?
You can add and remove item by editing your profile
– How can I adjust or delete a product?
You can edit the profile and adjust/delete products
– Where is best to put as a meeting point?
We strongly suggest to meet with your customer in public spaces (i.e metro, train station, or supermarket). Please do not insert your own address as it will be visible to public. This is to ensure your own safety.
– How to make a good photos?
Making good photos is important! With clear and fresh photos you sell better, faster and your ‘menu’ becomes attractive to watch. A few tips at a glance:
– Choose a neutral background
– Take photos in daylight
– Choose the angles
– Put your product centrally in the photo
– How can I deactivate my account?
You can delete your profile in edit profile section

– Do I need to pay tax?
Please refer to this page about our discussion with belastingdiesnt

– Do I have to register with the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel)?
Most likely not. You only need to register with the Chamber of Commerce if you are a company. That depends on four criteria.
According to the Chamber of Commerce, you are a company when you:
1. Invest in your company. (If you cook from your own kitchen and do not buy a lot of extra for catering, you do not invest.)
2. Financial risk runs with the company. (As a home cook, you probably do not run a financial risk because you do not have to invest.)
3. Have a healthy profit target. (If you want to make your job as a chef, then there is a healthy profit target for all home cooks who do catering “there”, this is probably not the case.) A good indication of a healthy profit target is when you spend more than € 8,000 per year profit.)
4. Doing marketing from own name. (If you are catering via Masakan Ibu, Masakan Ibu does in fact do the marketing and not from your name.)
Do you doubt whether you fall within these criteria and are therefore a company? Please contact the Chamber of Commerce.



– What is Masakan Ibu?
Masakan Ibu is a community based platform to connect people who have passion in cooking and people who crave a homemade (mostly) Indonesian meal.
– Is Masakan Ibu free?
Placing orders on Masakan Ibu is completely free. However, in order to maintain our network, we are forced to ask 5% contribution of the Chef’s transaction fee. These costs are only counted when a food is sold.
– Can Masakan Ibu promote my products by request?
Yes, we can put your Food on home page by contacting us.
– Who can see my products?
Everyone can see your Food. It is advisable to add as much information in the account a lot of information. This way your Food will be higher in the search results. You can also use our promotion service, learn more in your account. There will be options you can click.
– How do I change my language or country?
No, unfortunately it is not possible. Our site is only available in English for now.
– How can I chat privately?
You can only chat with someone when you have a purchase or sales with this person. You will receive the contact details and you can automatically send a Whatsapp, message, or call the seller.